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Since 2017, we have been working on our diversity initiative and its flagship event, the Forbes Women’ Summit. And for three years, the theme “Superwoman” has been at the center of it all. In 2022, we were able to go the next step in our goal to increase diversity in business, the arts and society as a whole – not because we’re altruistic, but because we believe that diversity is one of the main drivers for higher and more sustainable profits. We listened to entrepreneurs and executives, artists and musicians as well as activists and politicians on how to change the status quo once and for all. Thanks to all our speakers, our incredible partners and everyone who watched and listened for helping to make this event happen.

In case you want to relive the experience or if you missed something, here are the highlights of the 2022 Forbes Women’s Summit.

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„I am scared of everything. And then I deal with it, every single day. I get to overcome fear every single day.“

Noga Erez, Israeli singer, songwriter and producer, grew up in Caesarea, Israel, studied composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, was part of various groups and ensembles as a singer, keyboardist and percussionist.

Noga Erez
Institute of Technology
„The more I learned about space, the more interested I was in it. And the more I learned, the more I was like - Yes! This is for me, nothing else.“

Alyssa Carson, also known by the call sign Blueberry, is an American student with the goal of training as an astronaut and being selected for future human spaceflight to Mars.

Alyssa Carson
Porsche AG
„I think there is no back to something we have experienced before. This situation, this volatile situation, will last for a long time. So it’s essential to come with the right mindset.“

With 35 years of experience in the international automotive industry, Barbara Frenkel is the first woman on the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

Barbara Frenkel
„Starting a business was an incredible experience for me. Building a company creates a value that wasn't there before.“

Lena Gercke is a German model, TV Host, designer and entrepreneur. With only 17 years, she won the first season of Germany's Next Topmodel, before starting an international modelling career.

Lena Gercke


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