Luxury Summit

Steve Varsano

Founder & CEO, The Jet Business

Steve Varsano is the founder and CEO of The Jet Business, which sells private jets across the globe. He’s also opened the world’s first showroom for private jets, the “Jet Boutique” in London. The entrepreneur also has 2 million followers on his Tiktok channel.

Justin Fuchs

Founder, PESO

Justin is a well-known social media personality. Originally from Düsseldorf, Germany, he started with gaming videos, but quickly moved to luxury and fashion. Today, his two Youtube channels "justin" and "justinLITE" together have more than 1.3M subscribers; another 831,000 people follow Fuchs on Instagram. In 2016, he founded his own streetwear brand named "Peso", which is selling everything from hoodies to sneakers to pants and accessories.

Felicitas Morhart

Founder, The Swiss Center for Luxury Research

Felicitas Morhart is Full Professor of Marketing at the University of Lausanne and Founder of the Swiss Center for Luxury Research. Her teaching and research centers on identity-based branding, brand authenticity, luxury consumption, and alternative status signals. Her research has been published in top national and international journals. She also advises and trains managers mainly in the luxury and premium industries (mainly financial, automotive and hospitality) on the topic of transformational change. In 2022, she co-founded OriginALLuxury, a multistakeholder initiative for traceability technologies in the luxury industries.

Huw Jones

Head of Client Solutions, Wavemaker

Huw is the head of client solutions at Wavemaker (a global media agency, part of WPP), and for 20+ years has worked on a variety of global brands in the luxury sector. Today, his interest lies in the high-end luxury sector, working for brands that seek to attract the crème de la crème of society. Over the years, although the principles of reaching these people haven’t changed, the technology to enables that conversation is changing rapidly. Developing relationships, whatever the channel or technology, is an area of great interest to him, in the most interesting sector of them all, high end luxury.

Yannick Blättler

Founder & CEO, Neoviso

Yannick Blättler is founder and CEO of Neoviso AG. The company focuses on Gen Z with surveys and studies covering people between 14 and 27 years in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Additionally, Neoviso advises companies trying to attract this target group. Yannick studied Business Administration and Business Innovation in Zurich and St. Gallen.

Sarah Schlagenhauf

Founder & CEO, Vivents

Sarah Schlagenhauf is an entrepreneur from Zurich. She has a solid academic foundation in law and hands-on experience in strategic consulting, marketing, and business development. Her latest venture, Vivents, stands at the forefront of integrating Web3 technology with customer-centric innovations, mirroring her mission to redefine traditional business frameworks. As the Founder & CEO of Vivents (ArtDeal AG) and the visionary behind Brand Relations GmbH, Sarah Schlagenhauf is not merely building businesses; she is crafting a new narrative in the modern digital economy, always a step ahead in the entrepreneurial voyage.


Tobias Reichmuth

Founding Partner, Maximon

Tobias Reichmuth is a Swiss serial entrepreneur. He started his career at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and went on to start asset management company SUSI Partners AG, Crypto Finance AG, The Singularity Group as well as Crypto Finance Conference and Longevity Investors Conference. In 2021, he started Maximon with the goal to build "impactful, science-based and scalable companies providing healthy aging and rejuvenation solutions". He says of himself that he wants to live to 120 years.

Guè (Cosimo Fini)


Guè (Cosimo Fini) was born in Milan in 1980. One of the most influential and respected rappers in Italy, from the beginning of his career he became a reference point for the Italian hip hop scene, and later for the entire music scene. All of his solo record projects have been certified platinum. After releasing in 2000 the first cult EP 3 MC's al cubo with the Sacre Scuole (a trio formed by him, Jake La Furia and Dargen D'Amico), with Jake La Furia and producer Don Joe he gave birth to Club Dogo, a group with which from 2003 to 2014 he released seven studio albums, gaining the attention of the public and critics and paving the way for the success of Italian rap. In his career he has collected collaborations with all the main Italian urban artists, as well as big names in pop (Gigi D'Alessio, The Kolors, Elodie, Biagio Antonacci, Aka7even and many others) and numerous international artists (Akon, Willy William, El Micha, Noizy, Rick Ross, Jadakiss and many others).

Cecilia Rabassi

Maître chocolatier

Cecilia Rabassi was the first woman to become a maître chocolatier in the world, some 30 years ago. She specialized in the world of chocolate in the late 1980s, working and learning the trade throughout Europe. After founding and running one of Italy's most famous chocolate companies, with which she won the most prestigious international awards, Cecilia decided to embark on a new venture and start again from a small artisan workshop, where she could experiment and devote herself to creating the “Chocolate of Tomorrow.” In 2007, she was named Cavaliere al Merito of the Italian Republic, an honor reserved only for the best ambassadors of Made in Italy in the world, and in 2008 she was awarded the prestigious “Dino Villani” prize by the Accademia della Cucina Italiana for the enhancement of an excellent traditional product of the Italian table. In 2021, she was awarded the London Chocolate Academy's 1st President's Award as the person who revolutionized the world of cocoa and chocolate in the past 30 years.

Gzim Hasani

CEO and Partner, smzh AG

Gzim Hasani worked at Julius Bär and Credit Suisse for ten years, focusing on premium clients and Ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI). Since 2019, he's CEO and Partner at smzh ag, an independent financial advisor with 150 employees in Switzerland.

Jana Arden

Director, Capgemini Switzerland

Jana is a Director for Capgemini Switzerland, a global consulting firm where she provides strategic leadership and oversees financial and operational management for the luxury sector. Additionally, she is a co-founder and Executive Board Member at IMD Luxury 2050 Forum and serves as an Advisory Board Member for several mid-cap companies in fashion and skincare. She guides brands in expanding their business with premium-priced consumer propositions. Before entering the consulting field, Jana held a number of positions in the high-end retail sector in the US, Asia, and Europe. She graduated from Harvard University with a master's degree in psychology and IMD Business School with an MBA. She is an active contributor to a range of business magazines and academic periodicals such as Forbes and Harvard Blog.