David Castain: How To Change Yourself Radically To Succeed

"Sometimes a tornado will tear through your life, not to destroy things, but to clear a path. It’s my opinion that the only permanent thing in this world is change, and the best change comes after our worst mistakes", says David Castain.

Life isn’t about money, it’s about moments. In today’s society people only ask what you do for a living to determine how much you make, so they know how to treat you. What they don’t know is that wealth has no dollar amount; it’s an abundance of change, ambition and vision. There will always be people who don’t know your worth; make sure you’re never one of those people. It is my belief that the most important calculations are the future cost of your present decisions.

It seems like just yesterday I had flunked out of high school and was working for minimum wage. I spent time at Target stocking shelves, Rite Aid serving ice cream, and Quiznos making sandwiches. I also held jobs as a bellboy, telemarketer, and door-to-door salesman for vacuums, newspaper subscriptions, and candy. I worked the graveyard shift at a warehouse sweeping floors and unloading trucks.

David Castain
...is an American entrepreneur, speaker and influencer, who founded the marketing firm David Castain and Associates that addresses issues involved in the growth of a business. He also founded the nonprofit David Castain Foundation geared towards changing the future of youth who may not otherwise possess the necessary tools to achieve success.

Sometimes a tornado will tear through your life, not to destroy things, but to clear a path. It’s my opinion that the only permanent thing in this world is change, and the best change comes after our worst mistakes. My worst mistake was the day that I found myself incarcerated, sitting right next to the people I thought I wanted to be like. You’d be surprised how being in the wrong place can help you see things the right way. It was the most uncomfortable experience I never knew I needed. Once released, I promised myself that I would never again go back and that I would be the change I wanted to see. I realized that if my worst nightmare could come true, then so could my wildest dreams.

My name is David Castain. I’m a serial entrepreneur who has traveled to 45 countries with a net worth of over 5 million dollars. I’m the owner of David Castain and Associates, David Castain Destinations, and Castain Capital Investments. I’m also the founder of the David Castain Foundation, a nonprofit that helps underprivileged youth. I have graduated from Howard University and Georgetown University, and I’m currently completing a Doctorate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. As I sit here today and reflect on the moments that have marked my life, I can’t help but encourage you to chase your dreams or you’ll spend your life working for someone who chased theirs.

The key to effective change is having a plan; without one, distractions look like opportunities. In 2020 obstacles are illusions based on perception, meaning they need your permission to exist. Fortunately, we live in a digital age which has eliminated many of the difficulties that previous generations have endured. Step-by-step instructions to do anything your mind can conjure up is readily available. Platforms like Kickstarter, Google, Siri, Youtube and Alexa have made budgets, mentors, classes, and even institutional education no longer necessities for success. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. It may take years of hard work for one moment that can change everything, but it’s possible.

If there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s that there’s somebody out there with the power to change your life, and the easiest way to find them is to look in the mirror. Forget about your past, decide who you want to be, and live in your future.


Author: David Castain

David Castain is one of the keynote speakers at the Forbes Women's Summit on March 26th in Vienna.

The article was featured in our January edition 2020 „Radical Change“.

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