Wie er seinen Tag in Zeiten der Selbstisolation verbringt, verrät uns dieses Mal Rapper Kelvyn Colt in der Forbes-Serie „24 Stunden in ...“.


I never slept off my Jetlag so I’m still on LA time, which is good as I’m having sessions via FaceTime and am quite nocturnal anyways. This means I go to bed very early in the morning, wake up around noon time and get right into it. After breakfast, I usually go outdoors with the family, since we live close to a forest.


Then I start to work on music or read. Luckily, I’ve upgraded my “home studio” set up not too long ago, so I can record good demos here. I also mix my own voice and if I ever don’t know something, I look up a tutorial for it on YouTube.


Depending on how much I get distracted by my family or by the dogs, I tend to follow through with making music until I get too tired to continue.


I use some of the spare time to catch up with friends or family members I don’t take out enough time for in my hectic daily life. Since my life usually consists of non stop travel, I am in the privileged position to see this as an opportunity to zone off or to just continue making music - so far not too much changed. It’s also nice to be able to just browse through Netflix and YouTube.


I do miss going to the gym, as I am not as disciplined with the home-work-out routine but I’m getting there. I still give interviews via phone or FaceTime, still have sessions and still work on creative concepts. The only real difference is now that I stay in the house to do that and get to spend more time with my family.


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